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Interactive Turf:: Weather data and pest management forecasts for turf managers involved in the highest value production systems, golf turf and sod farm operations in Illinois and northern Indiana. Sponsored by the Chicago District Golf Association.

Australian Soil Classification: An Interactive Key:: Gives details of a CD-ROM of this name, a reference tool that allows the purchaser to allocate soil profiles to any level of the official Australian Soil Classification.

environmental data interactive exchange (edie):: Offers news, information, and communications services for environmental professionals. Job listings for registered users.

Nu Fruits of the Amazon:: Produces and distributes a drink made from tropical Brazilian fruits.

Amazon Rainforest:: Information about this rainforest, its people, places of interest, and how everyone can help maintain it.

California State Interactive Fire Map - Cal EMA:: Interactive California state map shows the affected areas of current and recent wild land fires, providing a big picture view of fire hazards and situations in the state.

Amazon Swim 2007:: Day-by-day reports of Martin Strel's 2007 marathon swim of the Amazon River.

Learning Network: Amazon:: Encyclopedic article, including information on the course, exploration, and development of the Amazon.

Tracking the Oil Spill in the Gulf - New York Times Interactive Map:: Interactive map tracking the extent of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, day by day. Map also provides estimates of oil spilled, shows where oil has washed onto beaches and marshes, tracks efforts to stop the leaking oil, and explains the spill's effects on underwater life.

Peruvian Amazon Exotic Exports S.A.C.:: Aquarium P.A.E.X. offers wild-caught fish from multiple rivers and tributaries (including Amazonas, Ucayali, Nanay, Itaya, San Alejandro and more!). We are also proud to announce a new reliable source of Brazilian fish, such as: stingrays, cichlids, oddballs, and beautiful L-numbers. Aquarium P.A.E.X. only offers the highest Quality Fish available. Years of experience have taught us the secrets to providing the highest quality of fish and pack

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