Environmental Problems in the Tigris Basin

Environmental Problems in the Tigris Basin Related

Euphrates-Tigris Basin: An Overview and Opportunities for Cooperation Under International Law:: Examines the development and disputes over the water resource as well as the prospects for cooperation.

Steep III (Solutions To Environmental and Economic Problems):: Information on conservation tillage practices in the Pacific Northwest.

Virus Problems of Potatoes:: Potatoes can be infected by many different viruses that can reduce yield and tuber quality. Virus diseases can often be diagnosed by mosaic patterns on leaves, stunting of the plant, leaf malformations, and tuber malformations. Symptoms are not always expressed due to interactions between the virus and the potato plant, growing conditions such as fertility and the weather, or the age of the plant when it is infected. Serology and nucleic acid det

Air Quality Problems Caused by Floods:: Factsheet from the National Safety Council. Includes the health effects of flooding, drying out the home and air quality issues with asbestos, biological contaminants, carbon monoxide and lead. [PDF]

Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE):: Interdisciplinary body of natural and social science expertise focused on global environmental issues, operating at the interface between scientific and decision-making instances.

Plant Nematode Problems and their Control in the Near East Regions:: Various papers on nematodes and their control, provided by the FAO, with reports from individual countries in the region.

Workshop on Information Technologies Application to Problems of Biodiversity and Dynamics of Ecosystems in North Eurasia:: Concept is to research into biodiversity and dynamics of ecosystems in Northern Siberia. RAS Institute of Cytology and Genetics. 

Basin Sod:: Supplies sod to south eastern Washington state. Located in Eltopia, Washington.

Columbia Basin Research:: Efforts at the University of Washington to investigate issues surrounding salmon biology in the Columbia and Snake River basins. CBR research has produced computer models which simulate and predict salmon migration and survival in the Columbia Basin and salmon harvest in the North Pacific.

Stevenson/Basin Angus:: Ranch and breeder of Angus cattle.

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