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The Upfold Hot Water Treatment Plant:: Ratoon stunting disease is common in most sugar industries in southern and central Africa and causes significant loss. This system provides a means for farmers to produce high quality seedcane free of the disease.

Treatment of Wood:: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to the Pressure Treatment of Wood and Lumber. Top Quality Fire Protection.

MTBE Treatment Profiles:: U.S. EPA compilation of studies and experiences with in situ and ex situ treatment of groundwater and drinking water contaminated with MTBE.

Washington Arsenic Testing and Treatment:: Arsenic is a primary contaminant that can cause problems in the digestive system, skin, and is a known carcinogen. It is regulated in water with a concentration above 0.0104 mg/L. Arsenic can be difficult to treat, depending on the other constituents in the water. We work with you to determine your water quality goals, and then develop a treatment strategy to meet your needs.

Himalayan Animal Treatment Centre (UK):: Established in 2006 to relieve the suffering of animals in need of care, Himalayan Animal Treatment Centre (UK) exists to raise and collect funds for animals in Nepal. It was established in 2006 by British visitors to Nepal who were shocked at the suffering of the animals they saw and resolved to improve their plight. HAT(UK) achieves its aims by working with certain animal welfare organisations in Nepal which have the capability to effect change

Organic Varroa-treatment in Semi- and Professional Beekeeping:: Information on the method being evaluated by the Danish Beekeepers Association to control the Varroa mite using formic acid, oxalic acid and lactic acid.

PhF Specialists:: International HACCP and food safety consultants. HACCP training, implementation, and verification.

Equipment Specialists Inc:: New and used reconditioned packaging and processing equipment.

Commodity Specialists Company:: International agri-products trading and marketing company.

Cardinal Meat Specialists:: Markets and manufactures portion-controlled meat products, specializing in burgers and ribs.

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