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Insitu Wildlife Conservation Organization: The Wildlife Rights Foundation:: Campaign to protect wildlife through the formation of legally binding and enforcable international wildlife and habitat laws.

Teaming With Wildlife:: A national campaign to prevent species from becoming endangered and to nurture a new generation of wildlife stewards by securing funding for state-level nongame wildlife conservation and related education and recreation programs.

One World Wildlife:: UK conservation charity supporting ecological research, sustainable development initiatives and environmental education projects -- details of projects and news.

Lambton Wildlife Inc.:: Nonprofit organization of nature enthusiasts in Lambton, Canada. Site features history, membership info, activities, and articles about nature.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal:: Provides safe, effective and humane solutions to all nuisance animal problems in private homes and commercial properties throughout West Central Florida.

Victoria Wildlife Management:: Offers management of pest animals, native animals, the setting up and managing of wildlife reserves and zoo animal control in Victoria, Australia.

Wildlife Damage Control:: Extensive information on the responsible management of damage caused by raccoons, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, bats, opossums, beavers, woodchucks, coyotes, moles, voles, mice and pigeons.

Laikipia Wildlife Forum Ltd:: Association concerned with biodiversity within the Laikipia Plateau in central Kenya. Works with the interests of private ranchers, small scale farmers, cooperatives, local community initiatives and tourism businesses to preserve variety of plant and wildlife species. Includes research, news, safari information, achievements, mission statement, and lodging facilities.

Slovak Wildlife Society:: An Anglo-Slovak initiative supporting conservation projects in Slovakia.

Ulster Wildlife Trust:: A conservation organisation in Northern Ireland and a partner in the network of Wildlife Trusts, providing information about habitats, species, reserves, and. projects being undertaking. Current news, events and contact detail are given.

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