Target Flavors, Inc.

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Target Seed LLC:: Develops, produces, and markets proprietary alfalfa seed varieties.

Target Emission Services Inc.:: Target Emission Services Inc. provides a full range of fugitive emission management services to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. We specialize in the use of infrared optical thermal imaging to locate hydrocarbon gas leaks and vents. Our experience and innovative technology provides accurate, safe, and cost-effective detection & measurement of hydrocarbon fugitive emissions.

Capri Flavors:: Sells a range of products including fish, cheese, olives, oil, pasta and condiments.

California Flavors:: Natural gourmet and organic foods from California. Cooking sauces, herbs, oils, wild rice, vinegar, mustard and salsa. Online shopping and mail-order available.

Flavors From Afar:: Italian pastas, pestos, sauces, olive oils, balsamic vinegars; Asian BBQ Sauces, wasabi, specialty rices, and cooking accessories.

Nature's Flavors:: Sells a variety of natural flavors and oils.

Dippin' Flavors:: Produces flavors for use in ice cream.

Weber Flavors:: Weber Flavors Flavors for the food industries...since1902. Established in 1902, Edgar A. Weber & Company started as a catalogue and door-to door sales company for flavoring extracts and fragrances. Fragrances are no longer part of our business, neither are catalogue or door-to-door consumer sales. We are now a leader in the industry for Natural Flavors, prime extractors of Pure Vanilla, and are renowned in the Dairy Industry as a manufacturer of

BioSource Flavors:: Biotechnology company specializing in natural products derived from a combination of fermentation and drying technologies. Cultures, flavors, colors and neutraceuticals.

Innovative Flavors:: Manufacturer of gourmet food bases and flavor concentrates for the food industry. Gluten free, all natural and organic certified soup bases.

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