The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade

The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade Related

Alabama Specialty Food Association (ASFA):: ASFA serves as a resource to and advocate for the Alabama specialty food industry, supporting the commitment to excellence and the entrepreneurial spirit that contributes to the uniqueness and quality of Alabama specialty foods. The Alabama Specialty Food Association aims to provide educational, networking and peer support, sales, marketing, and design opportunities, as well as, publicity and technical assistance for our members in order that we

Connecticut Specialty Food Association (CSFA):: The Connecticut Specialty Food Association (CSFA) is an organization of small to large Connecticut-based food entrepreneurs sharing in a vision to provide the consumer with high quality specialty foods. We seek to support and promote our members’ products by providing information, enhancing visibility, and increasing awareness of Connecticut-made products to all segments of the marketplace. By promoting Connecticut based businesses, we seek to

Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association (FTSLA):: Our world, and our industry, face pressing environmental, social and economic challenges including climate change, natural resource depletion, a widening income gap, and food insecurity. At the same time, the marketplace socially responsible products and services continues to grow. The organic sector was founded to provide quality foods in harmony with ecological principles—values that uniquely position us to be leaders in this area. Yet we mus

National Australian Cotton Trade Show:: Details of an annual trade event for the Australian cotton industry. Features a wide range of exhibitors with in-field workshops on a working cotton farm.

Food Trade Handelsgesellschaft m. b. H.:: Importers and exporters of chilled and frozen pork, beef, and poultry products from the EU and South America to Eastern European countries. Vienna, Austria.

Circle of Specialty Food Distributors:: International trade association for food and beverage importers. Profile, membership information, and contact link.

Bad Byron's Specialty Food Products, Inc:: Online source for Butt Rub spices, as well as barbeque information.

ANI Biscuits Food Industry and Trade Company:: Produces a variety of biscuits, cakes, crackers, wafers, and candies. Turkey.

The International Standard for the Trade in Live Reef Food Fish:: Standard that is intended to regulate the taking of live reef fish for consumption and the prevention of overfishing and depletion of resources.

International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC):: Deals with issues involving agricultural and food trade policy, economic development, and sustainability. Dedicated to promoting an open and efficient food and agricultural trade system.

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