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Alex Stewart Agriculture Ltd:: Laboratory analysis and inspection services including micro tests and analysis of animal feed, water, oilseeds, oils, fats, grains, food, minerals, metals, biofuels and fertilizers.

Alex Dalgetty and Sons:: Specializes in traditional breads including Selkirk bannock and black bun. Includes special combination packs.

Alex Davis & Assoc. Inc.:: Dealers in used machine tools, food, chemical, pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment.

Jubilations Cheesecakes:: Cheesecakes in flavors from chocolate mocha and orange blossom special to Mississippi mud.

Mazelle's Cheesecakes:: Cheesecake and desserts available through foodservice distributors. Ships in USA only.

Eileen's Special Cheesecakes:: Plain, fruit, or chocolate flavors, available in assorted mini sizes or 10-inch cakes.

Heavenly Cheesecakes and Chocolates:: Gourmet and low carbohydrate cheesecakes with no preservatives, additives or fillers added.

Holey Moses Cheesecakes:: Award winning original flavor or twelve other flavors, in 7-inch and 10-inch sizes.

Suzy's Cream Cheesecakes, Inc.:: Offering an assortment of New York style and flavored cheesecakes.

Professor Alex Hall's Climate Sensitivity Research Lounge:: From the UCLA's Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Provides information on research, publications and courses, as well as an 'information exchange' that provides links to a range of published articles.

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