Heidi's Rum Cakes

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Caribbean Rum Cakes:: Caribbean dessert rum cakes, in 24, 32 and 48-ounce sizes.

Heidi Howkins...Back from K2 Alive:: A Mountain Zone interview with Heidi Howkins, one of the few women to clime mount K2.

The Rum Shop:: Offers a variety of rums and rum books.

Tortuga Rum Co. Ltd.:: Authentic Caribbean rum cakes, available in original golden, coconut, key lime, banana, chocolate, blue mountain coffee and pineapple. Worldwide delivery.

World Social Forum - F?rum Social Mundial:: Annual international conference held in Porto Alegre, Brazil that focuses on the creation and exchange of social and economic projects that promote human rights, social justice, and sustainable development.

Cakes By Jane:: Southern cream cheese pound cake in vanilla, lemon, cappuccino or almond flavors. Ships to USA and Puerto Rico.

Janie's Cakes:: Handmade, without preservatives. Traditional, lemon, berry and chocolate flavors, and miniature size version. Ships in USA.

Zana Cakes:: Mail order specialty dessert company that bakes and sells assorted pound cakes to corporate and individual clients.

Cakes Across America:: Freshly baked, custom decorated, personally delivered cakes. Delivers in USA and Canada.

Fairy Cakes:: Children`s party cake with fairies artwork by illustrator Myrea from Fairies World.

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