Sinbad Sweets

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Ye Ole Sweets:: Offering cookies, brownies, scones, muffins, pizelles, gift baskets and biscotti. Shipped within the United States.

Dutch Sweets:: Offering candy licorice-drop cookies, cakes, and specialty items from Holland. Accepts special requests.

Sweets and Treats:: Featuring Callard and Bowser licorice toffee rolls, Goelitz Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans, and other confections and gourmet items.

Harbor Sweets:: Chocolate gift box assortments with a nautical theme.

Saratoga Sweets:: Home of the Peppermint Pig, a hard mint candy shaped like a pig. Also sells assorted chocolates and holiday candies.

Sweets In Bloom:: Offers hand-made candy and chocolate bouquets and other gift items.

Santa Sweets:: U.S. grower and packer of Santa Sweets grape tomatoes and UglyRipe tomatoes. Includes company background, product list, kids coloring page, and health information.

Masri Sweets:: Arabic pastries such as "kunufa nabulsi", mammoul, baklava, burma fingers and a variety of party trays.

Suzanne's Sweets:: Homemade rugelach from a New York kosher bakery. Delivery throughout the United States.

Zalatimo Brothers for Sweets:: Sweets from Jerusalem such as mamoul, barazek, ghriebeh, nabulsieh, basmeh and mutabbaq. Includes a selection of diabetic items.

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