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Viking Mat Company:: Viking Mat Company is one of North America's largest suppliers of crane mats, timber mats, dragline mats, laminated mats and truck mats to the construction industry. Viking Mat Company has been a distributor to the forest products industry for over 100 years and is currently one of the top suppliers of timber mat products in North America. They sell new mats in addition to used mats, if you are looking for a more affordable option. Also, if you d

É Café Canada:: Offering an assortment of green and roasted coffees, biscotti, and coffee equipment.

Salon du Végétal:: A trade show specifically for ornamental horticulture professionals held in Angers, France. [English and French]

L'héritage:: Makers of traditional Boston baked beans, selling to restaurants and consumers.

Nadalié:: Manufactures a full line of handcrafted wine barrels made from French and American oak. Company profile and product details.

Anazé:: Portuguese cork stopper manufacturer. Company information and relevant information about wine bottling.

Néolait:: Animal feed and nutrition (dairy cow, cattle, sheep, goat,pig sow, poultry, livestock).

Café de Cuba:: Offers several roasted blends, whole bean or ground, as well as gift baskets and accessories, by the bag or the case. Serves UK and Ireland.

Café Kotowa:: Panamanian grower and roaster provides photos of estate and brief descriptions of products.

Café Milagro:: Roasted blends, wholesale and retail, from Tarrazú and Tres Ríos. Describes company history and locations of cafes in Costa Rica. [English/Spanish]

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