Oregon Hop Commission Related

Oregon Strawberry Commission:: Oregon strawberry promotion, education, research, nutrition, health benefits, recipes and suppliers.

Hop to It:: Irish frog survey organised by the Irish Peatland Conservation Council to find out more about the status of the frog in Ireland.

Hop Shop:: A homebrew shop with wine and beer making kits and equipment.

The Hop Store:: Supplier of hops and hop products to UK brewers.

Humulus lupulus: Hop:: Information on this crop, its biology and morphology, distribution in the former USSR, ecology, utilization and economic value.

Organic Hop Production:: This publication looks at cultural requirements for organic hops, varieties and recent research, with a list of further resources. [PDF]

Hop Growers of America:: Organization unifying family hop farmers.

Hop & Grape:: Offer supplies for wine and beer making. Based in the UK.

Bio-Oregon:: Recovers and sells marine fish by-products from the portion of the commercial harvest not used for human consumption.

Oregon Chai:: Product descriptions and recipes. Where to buy online and locally.

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The Beer Institute
Mississippi Malt Beverage Association, Inc.
Oklahoma Malt Beverage Association