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Cargill Agriculture Group:: Weather, news, grain marketing information and agronomic advice (including pest management) updated regularly. This site represents Cargill Fertilizer, Cargill Grain, and Cargill Hybrid Seeds.

Premier Malt Products:: Malt manufacturer for baking and brewing. Includes product lists.

Specialty Products International Ltd.:: Complete turnkey brewery systems for restaurants, requiring no brewmaster or additional employees.

Providence Specialty Products:: New England manufacturer of specialty cheeses: Asiago, Gouda, Mozzarella Curd, Feta, Parmesan and Romano. Company profile, product specifications, recipes, and contact information.

Bad Byron's Specialty Food Products, Inc:: Online source for Butt Rub spices, as well as barbeque information.

Cargill Corporation:: Buys, processes, produces, stores, transports, and sells agricultural and other bulk commodities worldwide.

Cargill Animal Nutrition:: Extensive information on animal nutrition including a large variety of information on techniques, products and services, helpful tips and related advice. History, recruiting services and specifics to each main operating area.

Sid Wainer Specialty Produce and Specialty Foods:: Specialty produce and specialty foods distributor, wholesaler, and retailer: fresh vegetables and fruits, baskets, specialty foods, and seafoods. HACCP Certified.

China Natural Products Group, Inc,:: Supplier of Lo Han Kuo Extracts, Chinese Blackberry, and other natural products from China.

Florida Worldwide Citrus Products Group, Inc:: Complete overview of flavor division and citrus oils trading division. Product list and contact information.

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Weyermann Specialty Malting Company
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