Federal Distributors Inc.

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Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable:: Provides technical information on technologies for waste site cleanup.

Office of the Federal Environmental Executive:: White House Office on implementation of Executive Order 12873 on federal acquisition, recycling, and waste prevention.

US EPA Office of Federal Activities - NEPA:: About the agency's filing and review of US environmental impact statements (EISs), EPA compliance with NEPA, and technical assistance and capacity building for environmental compliance, enforcement, and impact assessment in other countries.

Federal Alliance for Safe Home (FLASH):: Promoting life safety, property protection, and economic well-being by strengthening homes and safeguarding families from natural and manmade disasters. Learn how to protect your family in the case of an earthquake, flood, hurricane, thunderstorm, wildfire, or act of terrorism.

Federal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products:: An independent scientific institution in the portfolio of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (BML) researching forestry and forest products.

Federal Aviation Administration's Dispersion Modeling Program:: Discusses the EDMS (Emissions and Dispersion Modeling System) developed by the U.S.'s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and how to order copies.

JB Distributors:: Offers sales of grocery goods such as packaging and disposable products, chemicals, dry foods, confectionery, frozen and chilled foods. Online order. Australia.

Dean Distributors, Inc.:: Manufacturers of extracts and seasonings, syrups, soup and gravy bases, beverages, and nutritional supplements.

Kensington Distributors:: Distributor presents a portfolio of Spanish, Chilean and Argentinian wines. Reno, Nevada.

Associated Food Distributors S.A.:: Distributor of food, beverages, and tobacco products in Haiti.

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