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Home Brewery and Wine Making:: A complete line of beer and wine making supplies, recipes and books.

E. C. Kraus Home Wine Making Supplies:: Offers kits and equipment for making homemade wine. Also features wine recipes and articles.

Absinthe Kits:: Specializes in exotic and hard to find organic Absinthe steeping kits and pure organic wormwood.

Emergency Kits:: We are specializes in emergency preparedness products including inexpensive emergency kits, safety kits, survival kits, disaster kits, and preparedness kits and supplies for the home, car, work, school, and office.

Emergency Food Supply Kits:: Over the past years, people from all over the world have already suffered from a natural disaster, and still the majority of people may not be completely prepared for one if it strikes their community. One way or another, different types of natural calamities strike various sections of the world, and unfortunately, not all individuals have their first aid kit or emergency food ready and their survival kits prepared. We cannot control or read Moth

DIY Wildlife Removal Kits:: DIY Nuisance Wildlife Removal Kits, live-catch traps, one way doors & more.

Making Peace with Geese:: Urban goose populations are growing, and there's no ducking the issues large flocks raise. The problem affects backyards, public parks, and golf courses according to David L. Sperling writing in the Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine.

Namkeen Making Machines:: We offer complete range of solutions for namkeen snacks, also known as Indian savories. Constant efforts are put in to bring in advanced automation in this industry there by improving the productivity and savings of our valued clients.

Making Coconut Oil: the Old Chamorro Way:: Photographic account of this small scale process.

Making Maple Syrup in Parry Sound:: Photos and description of making syrup on a small farm in rural Ontario. Includes photos of tapped trees, boiling down and filtering.

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