The Sustainable Cup

The Sustainable Cup Related

The Perfect Cup:: Specializing in single origin grands crus and other coffees, teas, medicinal herbs, and accessories.

Buddha's Cup:: Several Kona and coffee-related products, with photos of the farm.

Artisan's Cup:: Custom blended loose leaf black and green tea, as well as private labels. Also offering wholesale.

Cup-Service GmbH:: Produces a mobile hot and cold beverage dispensing system that can be carried like a backpak. Munich, Germany.

Coffee Development: From Bean to Cup:: Every step of coffee development is explained in this article, from growing coffee plants, through harvesting and processing, to the various quality checks needed before shipping roast coffee to other countries.

What is Sustainable Agriculture?:: A detailed account of how sustainable agriculture integrates environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity. From UC Davis.

Sustainable Conservation:: Engages businesses and private landowners in advancing the stewardship of our land and water in partnership with the environmental community.

Sustainable Use of Biodiversity:: At Canada's International Development Research Centre.

Sustainable Footprints:: Consultancy service covering the UK and Europe specialising in sustainable business practices, carbon audit, reduction and offsetting. Offers short workshops.

Sustainable City:: Working toward a sustainable future for San Francisco.

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