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Chinese-American Tea Association (CATA):: Association of professional tea exporters and importers. The Chinese-American Tea Association is a nonprofit organization promoting pure, fresh Chinese tea, in Western Markets. Our mission: • Promote tea and its healthy lifestyle in the US; • Ensure quality of tea shipments to the US and Canada • Support free and fair trade in the tea industry; • Promulgate timely and accurate information about tea to Western buyers and consumers.

Eriocheir sinensis: Chinese Crab:: Information from the FAO on this species, mostly cultivated in China, its biology, habitat, the production cycle, production systems, diseases and their control, production statistics, markets and trade.

Quon Yick Chinese Noodles:: Chinese noodle company located in Los Angeles, USA.

Classical Chinese Garden Society:: Oregon's Suzhou-style Classical Chinese Garden offering history and elements of Chinese and Japanese gardens.

King Kong Chinese Restaurant:: King Kong has been a popular local chinese food restaurant in the University of Maryland College Park area for over 20 years. The Chinese Restaurant is located within reach from Takoma Park, Langley Park, Adelphi, College Park Maryland, and Washington DC. Specializing in Chinese Cuisine / Asian food of Hunan and Szechuan recipes.

Art's-Way Manufacturing Co., Inc.:: Manufacturer and marketer of specialized agricultural equipment.

Art of Brewing:: Selling wine, beer, cider, liqueur and spirit kits as well as ingredients and equipment.

Art's And Mary's:: Manufacturer of potato chips made with thick sliced potatoes cooked in small batches with oils lower in saturated fats. Product information, contact details.

Cand'Art:: Lollipop producer. Offers product information and specifications, flavours, news, history, and multimedia downloads.

Art's Brewing Supplies:: Full line of homebrewing and winemaking supplies. Serving homebrewers, pubs and micro breweries.

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