Perennial Tea Room

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The Tea Room:: A variety of teas and tea time treats.

Silver Plume Tea Room:: Offers a selection of antiques and a tea room serving breakfast, lunch, baked goods, and loose-leaf teas.

Perennial Forage Establishment in Alberta:: Information on choosing the right species and ensuring strong seedling growth.

Perennial Plant Association (PPA):: A professional organization dedicated to improving the perennial plant industry.

Perennial Ryegrass Seed Production in Western Canada:: An examination of the suitability of perennial ryegrass for forage and seed production in Western Canada.

The Wine Room:: Offers many types of wines, including hard to find and rare bottles from all regions of the world; also offers online newsletter. Based in California.

Coffee Room:: Describes taste of Kona and other Hawaiian varieties available. Also offers custom labelling and reselling.

Living Room:: An urban ecology zine exploring the physical and social structures of human society and their relationship to the rest of life.

Briefing Room - Potatoes:: USDA provides an overview of potato production in the US, the background, trade and the market outlook. It also produces a newsletter and recommends certain on-line publications.

NARA Research Room: Electronic Records from the Department of Agriculture:: The National Archives and Records Administration provides access to statistical reports that include crop and cattle inventory estimates. Includes production estimates broken down by state.

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Hellens Tea
Mortier's Fine Ceylon Tea
International Tea Committee (ITC)