Silver Plume Tea Room

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The Tea Room:: A variety of teas and tea time treats.

Perennial Tea Room:: Offers a selection of teas, teapots and tea accessories.

Silver Needle Tea Appreciation:: Silver Needle Tea Appreciation Association! We are a non-profit community arts collective that encourages the appreciation and awareness of the finest Silver Needle Tea importers in Texas. We believe the art of fine loose leaf tea is an essential part of any refined, metropolitan community. We believe that the art of drinking tea lifts the spirit and raise the collective consciousness of the citizens of Dallas, Texas. We collaborate with artists

The Wine Room:: Offers many types of wines, including hard to find and rare bottles from all regions of the world; also offers online newsletter. Based in California.

Coffee Room:: Describes taste of Kona and other Hawaiian varieties available. Also offers custom labelling and reselling.

Living Room:: An urban ecology zine exploring the physical and social structures of human society and their relationship to the rest of life.

Briefing Room - Potatoes:: USDA provides an overview of potato production in the US, the background, trade and the market outlook. It also produces a newsletter and recommends certain on-line publications.

NARA Research Room: Electronic Records from the Department of Agriculture:: The National Archives and Records Administration provides access to statistical reports that include crop and cattle inventory estimates. Includes production estimates broken down by state.

Silver Spoon:: The retail brand name of British Sugar. Offers recipes, the product line, company history and a policy statement on GMOs.

Farming Silver Perch:: Provides information on this freshwater species, its distribution, habitat, general biology, the several phases of culture and the aquaculture potential in Western Australia.

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Hellens Tea
Mortier's Fine Ceylon Tea
International Tea Committee (ITC)