AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA)

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Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA):: Site provides resources on the coffee industry as well as an overview of the history, techniques, and standards for coffee cultivation and processing. Calendar of events, resources, current issues and a bulletin board also provided.

Specialty Coffee Association of Costa Rica:: Includes information on history of coffee in the country, members, and projects. Features a calendar and news section. [Spanish and English]

Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI):: Dedicated to improving the quality and quantity of Indonesia's Arabica coffee production. Membership is open to any company or organization that is working with Arabica coffee from Indonesia. [English and Indonesian]

Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP):: The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) in a non-profit organization created to promote Panama’s special coffee production in the world. Our members share a passion for coffee and a strong commitment with the pursue of ultimate quality. Our coffees have been ranked by experts as some of the best in the world in many international competitions, and our production is highly prized by the most demanding and discerning in the industry.

Specialty Wine Retailers Association:: Promotes direct wine sales across state borders by wine retailers and wine clubs.

Massachusetts Specialty Foods Association:: Non-profit organization providing education, networking, peer support, marketing, publicity, and technical assistance for members. The MSFA is a non-profit organization.

The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade:: Not-for-profit business trade association established to foster trade, commerce, and interest in the specialty food industry. Includes information on Fancy Food Shows.

Specialty Nursery Association of Western Washington:: Online version of the association's guide, providing information on nurseries organized by types of plants and services offered.

Alabama Specialty Food Association (ASFA):: ASFA serves as a resource to and advocate for the Alabama specialty food industry, supporting the commitment to excellence and the entrepreneurial spirit that contributes to the uniqueness and quality of Alabama specialty foods. The Alabama Specialty Food Association aims to provide educational, networking and peer support, sales, marketing, and design opportunities, as well as, publicity and technical assistance for our members in order that we

Connecticut Specialty Food Association (CSFA):: The Connecticut Specialty Food Association (CSFA) is an organization of small to large Connecticut-based food entrepreneurs sharing in a vision to provide the consumer with high quality specialty foods. We seek to support and promote our members’ products by providing information, enhancing visibility, and increasing awareness of Connecticut-made products to all segments of the marketplace. By promoting Connecticut based businesses, we seek to

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