Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee

Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee Related

Chicken Scientific Name and Scientific Names of Poultry Species:: A list of the scientific names of the domestic chicken, as well as other common poultry species.

Hf Scientific Inc.:: Turbidimeter manufacturer making instruments for the waste and drinking water plants.

Star Scientific:: Engaged in the development of tobacco products that deliver fewer carcinogenic toxins.

Arrow Scientific:: List of tools supplied to food manufacturers to ensure food safety and food quality based on HACCP principles. Australian-based company.

IQ Scientific Instruments:: State-of-the-art non-glass pH systems with ISFET silicon-chip sensor technology. A full line of non-glass pH meter and probe are displayed.

Scientific Instruments, Inc:: Manufacturer of hydrologic instrumentation used for stream gaging and sediment and water quality studies. Also supply optical and electronic surveying instruments for use in land surveying, geodetic, GIS, and construction fields.

Sper Scientific:: Supplier of environmental and water measurement instruments and a range of lab testing and measuring equipment.

Scientific Fishery Systems Inc.:: Hardware and software for the fishing industry.

CPL Scientific Consultants:: Provides consultancy and advice on markets and technology for new business development in food, agriculture and biotechnology.

Katestone Scientific Pty. Ltd.:: Consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia that offers air quality assessment and odour science.

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Hong Kong Professional Coffee Association (HKPCA)
National Tea & Coffee Development Board, Nepal
Singapore Coffee Association (SCA)
AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA)
The Roasters Guild