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Association of Water Technologies::

Bottled Water Cooler Association:: Represents the bottled water cooler industry in the United Kingdom. Profile and industry data.

Canadian Bottled Water Association:: Represents bottled water companies in Canada. Profile, information about bottled water, publications, news, FAQ and events.

International Bottled Water Association:: A trade association representing the bottled water industry. Based in Alexandria, Virginia. Profile, facts about bottled water, news, convention details and calendar.

Northeast Bottled Water Association:: Represents member bottlers and distributors in the New England states, as well as New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Profile, membership benefits, events and convention details.

Southeastern Bottled Water Association:: Trade association for the bottled water industry representing Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Mission statement, newsletter, industry news and calendar.

Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies:: Representing the interests of large publicly owned drinking water systems.

National Water Resources Association:: Advocates Federal policies, legislation and regulations promoting the development, management, protection and beneficial use of water resources.

Minnesota Ground Water Association:: A professional membership organization that promotes the science of ground water hydrology and education on Minnesota's ground water resources.

Missouri Water Environment Association:: Nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of water quality and resources.

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