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American Water Resources Association:: Professional scientific society promoting understanding of water resources and related issues.

American Water Works Association of Missouri:: Dedicated to the promotion of public health and welfare by assuring drinking water of unquestionable quality and sufficient quantity.

American Water Works Association (AWWA):: The Authoritative Resource on Safe Water. The year of AWWA's birth was 1881, and what a year it was. By the turn of the century, AWWA boasted 354 members and a budget of $2,380. AWWA has been providing information to its members and government officials on the importance of source water protection, proper water treatment, and the need for adequate state authority to protect public health. AWWA has changed in the past 125 years, and the issues we

American Water Resources Association (AWRA):: Founded in 1964, the American Water Resources Association is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the advancement of men and women in water resources management, research, and education. AWRA’s membership is multidisciplinary; its diversity is its hallmark. It is the professional home of a wide variety of water resources experts including engineers, educators, foresters, biologists, ecologists, geographers, managers, regulators, h

American Ground Water Trust:: Nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting America's ground water by promoting public education and awareness about this precious natural resource.

AZ Water Association:: We are Professionals Dedicated to Arizona's Water! The AZ Water is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization founded in 1928 with a membership of 2,700 water/wastewater professionals dedicated to preserving and enhancing Arizona's water environment. Although AZ Water is an independent organization, it also serves as the Arizona section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Arizona member association of the Water Environment

Association of Water Technologies::

Bottled Water Cooler Association:: Represents the bottled water cooler industry in the United Kingdom. Profile and industry data.

Canadian Bottled Water Association:: Represents bottled water companies in Canada. Profile, information about bottled water, publications, news, FAQ and events.

International Bottled Water Association:: A trade association representing the bottled water industry. Based in Alexandria, Virginia. Profile, facts about bottled water, news, convention details and calendar.

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