Glacier Mountain Related

Glacier Nursery Inc.:: Supplies Montana Rocky Mountain hardy trees, shrubs, fruits, roses, perennials, vines, and evergreens to wholesale and retail nurseries, landscapers, golf courses and municipalities.

Glacier Design Systems, Inc:: Designs and manufacturers dispensing and storage systems for bars and brewpubs. Includes client list, products and services offered.

Climate Change and Global Glacier Decline:: WWF paper that describes and explains glacier loss, and examines the risks posed to specific regions, habitats, and species. [PDF]

Glacier National Park: Biodiversity Paper:: Discusses the present and future effects of global warming on biological diversity within the mountainous regions of northwestern Montana, southwestern Alberta, and southeastern British Columbia.

Mountain Thunder:: Company features certified organic 100% Kona coffee and coffee accessories.

Hi Mountain Jerky:: Jerky cure and seasonings for homemade jerky. Also accessories and instructions available.

Turtle Mountain:: Makers of soy-based, non-dairy frozen desserts.

Mountain Orchids:: A small, rather specialized nursery in Vermont, devoted to the propagation and dissemination of the less common and rarely available species and hybrids.

Mountain Livestock.Com:: Offering nationwide online livestock consignment and auction services to individual ranchers and sale barns.

Mountain Mitigations:: Offers radon testing and mitigation services to homeowners in Colorado.

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