Domaine Pierre Lafille

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Pierre's Chocolates:: Handcrafted chocolate designed in the Swiss style.

Pierre's Ice Cream Co.:: Ohio-based makers of ice cream, sherbet and sorbet, and frozen yogurt for retail or food service use. Details company history and community involvement, product and flavor information, and job openings. Also offers online sales.

Pierre Combes UHT:: UHT milk products for sale.

Domaine Direct:: A London based specialist in Burgundies and oversized bottles. Also offering eaux de vie and liqueurs.

Fort Pierre Livestock Auction, Inc.::

Beau Domaine Farms:: Gourmet condiments, including preserves, jellies, dips, vinegars and sauces from South Carolina. Also peanut butters and cakes in a jar.

Domaine Wine Storage:: Offering vibration-free refrigerated lockers, of several sizes, in Chicago and Saint Louis.

Domaine des Deux Fontaines:: Wine of Fleurie in Beaujolais; estate bottled by Michel Despres, available for ordering in pallet quantities.

Domaine Wine Storage & Appreciation:: Domaine Wine Storage facilities are for collectors who value superior service and access nationwide. Learn more about our St. Louis, Chicago, Washington DC & New York wine storage locations today.

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