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Pacific Earth Resources - Pacific Sod and Pacific Arbor Nurseries):: Wholesale and on-line retail sales of nine sod varieties including, fescue, bluegrass, hybrid bermudagrass, St. Augustine, and Wildflower sod. Delivery and installation available.

RSW Estates:: Estate grown and processed Blue Mountain whole bean and ground products. Describes cultivation and roasting, with photos.

Hawaiian Forest Estates:: Freshly roasted Kona coffee roasted in small batches, and macadamia nut products.

Madura Tea Estates:: Provides a small selection of teas grown in Australia.

Silver Cloud Estates, LLC:: Provides many types of vanilla products including extracts, vanilla beans and sugar. Also offering herbs and spices.

United Estates Wine Imports, Ltd.:: Specializes in of hand-crafted, estate-bottled wines from the South of France.

Aquaria Pacific:: Singapore-based importer and exporter of tropical freshwater aquarium fish and aquatic plants.

Pacific Seeds:: Researches and breeds seed of tropical baby and sweet corn, sunflower, canola, grain sorghum, and forage crops.

Pacific Orchid, Inc.:: Importer and exporter of many species, selling retail and wholesale.

Pacific Sourdough:: Oregon bakery produces Italian almond cakes. Ships in USA.

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