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Save Money. Be Green at Home - Earth Day 2009 at Yahoo! Green:: Explore how going green saves cash. Yahoo! Green's Earth Day 2009 site takes you on an interactive tour that shows you where you can save around the house.

Green Earth Research Network:: Green Earth Research Network (GERN) is an International organization dedicated to publishing & promoting International Journals and adoption, creation, use, dissemination, and preservation of electronic Journals. We support electronic publishing in order to enhance the sharing of knowledge worldwide. UGC Approved Journals List - 2017 We share the common goal of journals, publishers, and academic societies—the dissemination of the highest-qua

Earth Pledge Green Roofs Initiative:: Supports the development of green, vegetated rooftops in urban areas to prevent stormwater runoff pollution, lower urban temperatures, and improve air quality.

Live Earth Products:: Producers of humates derived from humic shale. Information about marketing the material, and its benefits.

Lori's Earth Friendly Products:: Selling Juice Plus Fibre, fibre cookies, kosher cheese and bakery products.

Green Garden Food Products, Inc.:: Manufacturer of custom dressings and sauces. Company profile and product details.

Caring For Earth and Earth Day Theme Unit:: offers a variety of Earth Day printables, lesson plans, and other Earth Day activities for teachers to use in the classroom.

Earth Crash Earth Spirit (ECES):: Koyannisqatsi - life out of balance. There's a limit to how much bulldozing, deforestation, pollution, and other human impacts Earth can take. Articles, forums, gallery, and more.

Green Hope: Green Syria:: Provides information on green alternatives to oil and gas, petrochemical and energy production in Syria and how to help minimise impact on the environment.

Make It Green - Yahoo! Green:: Effort to turn great ideas that improve lives and help our planet into actual products. Submit your idea to Make It Green, and if it's chosen, you could see your product on store shelves.

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