The James Gang Barbecue Co.

The James Gang Barbecue Co. Related

James & Son:: Distributes and markets moist animal feeds derived mainly from the food and beverage processing industries.

James Engineering:: Produces soil aerators, mole ploughs, and subsoilers.

The James Ranch:: Direct from the ranch, naturally raised lamb meat that has been served at Chez Panisse, available for home purchase.

Bishop's Barbecue:: Hickory cooked pork barbecue, in 1 or 5-pound packages, and barbecue sauce. Ships in continental USA.

Hecky's Barbecue:: Pulled pork, baby back ribs, sweet potato pie and barbecue sauce from a family Creole recipe.

The Barbecue Store:: The leading edge in outdoor cooking The Best Barbeque, BBQ and Bar-B-Que. Want to learn to do some serious smokin'. Our videos are complete, contain current techniques and you will be a better cook in no time. Check them out today!

Barbecue Accessories:: BBQXL is an online store specializing in BBQs, spare parts and fantastic accessories and covers for your Barbecues/pizza oven. BBQXL offer a great selection of Gas Barbecues, Charcoal Barbecues, Build in BBQ, Solid Plate BBQ, Hooded BBQ, BBQ Pizza Stone, BBQ Grill and Stainless Steel BBQ.

James Connolly Consulting:: Golf course and sports field development guidance and agronomic and environmental consulting for new and existing projects. Soil and nutrient testing, insect, disease, and weed management programs, and fertility recommendations. Spokane, WA with projects in Canada, USA, and China.

James Gourmet Coffee:: Green bean and roasted whole bean and ground varietals from around the world.

Saint James Spirits:: California distillery offering Pineapple rum and brandy, kirsch, grappa, single malt whisky, and California Gold Agave.

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