Hans Burie Chocolates

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Hans Kissle:: An array of salad products. Product information, directions, and contact details.

Chef Hans' Gourmet Foods:: Creole and Cajun ready mixes and seasonings.

Ethel M Chocolates:: Deluxe assortments, liqueur collections, buttercreams and truffles.

Fowler's Chocolates:: Manufacturer and retailer of boxed chocolates, holiday favorites, and chocolate specialties, such as truffles and sponge candy.

Nirvana Chocolates:: Customize your own selection of Belgian Chocolates.

Chatillon Chocolates:: Florentines, chocolates, breton biscuits, 50 products in catalogue, shopping cart figures order amount in French Francs or Euros.

Global Chocolates:: A wide variety of Lindt bars, truffles, and gift boxes or baskets.

Neuchatel Chocolates:: Featuring Swiss chocolate bars, truffles, sugar-free and organic selections.

Paris Chocolates, Inc.:: Swiss chocolate and handmade caramel bars, Flyer t-shirts and heavy duty diner mugs.

Browne's Chocolates:: UK manufacturer of chocolate truffles, violet and rose creams, after-dinner mints, and thin chocolates.

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