David Alan Chocolatier

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Alan's Factory Outlet:: Choose from selection of Amish storage sheds, furniture, and other handcrafted items. Includes contact information.

Alan Wynne Trading Pty Ltd:: Exporters of Australian meat, grains and by-products.

David Mosner Inc.:: Packers of lamb and veal products. Products, distribution programs, recipes and contact information.

David Ritchie (Implements) Ltd:: Manufacturers of livestock handling, weighing and feeding equipment.

David Hickie Associates:: Independent UK consultant specialising in strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and environmental impact assessment (EIA) of large and small scale developments and major infrastructure projects. Also provides associated landscape design and conservation advice.

David's Exotic Plants UK:: David's Exotic Plants UK offers online shopping for a wide range of rare exotic citrus trees, bougainvillea, tropical exotic plumeria, tropical mango plants, avocado trees, exotic litchi, kaffir limes, coffea arabica, citrus red lime, psidium, guava trees, olive trees, bauhinia, exotic punica pomegranate, fig, tea plant, loquat, exotic lychee trees, gloriosa, lantana, melia, monkey puzzle, norfolk island pine, dove tree and many many more excitin

Sons of David Foundation on Paulownia:: A blog advocating the use of Paulownia to assist the peoples of the tropics to find new sources of income and ways to improve the quality of their lives.

King David Coffee Roasters:: Wholesale and retail fresh roasted beans. Kosher (KSA). Describes products and provides definitions of terminology.

David J. Williams - Ozone Research:: Personal website presents research concerning the meteorological transport of tropospheric (ground-level) ozone and its precursors.

The David Shepherd Conservation Foundation:: Raises funds and works for the survival of tigers, elephants, rhinos and other critically endangered mammals in the wild.

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