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Cafosa Gum:: Gum base supplier. Assorted gum bases for gum applications, including oral-care and pharmaceutical use. Company profile, product information, and related links.

Glee Gum:: All natural chewing gum with rainforest chicle and educational toy kits for children to make chewing gum, chocolate and gummies candy. Company profile and product details.

Trident Gum:: Tips, fun facts, and gum history.

Gum Technology Corporation:: Producer of specialty stabilizers as well as standard stabilizers, such as xanthan, gum Arabic, a full line of carrageenans and locust bean gum. Company profile, product listing, and contact details.

Smitters Gum Industries F.Z.E.:: Manufacturers of a wide range of chewing gum products at competitive prices in the UAE.

Wrigley Chew Gum:: Everything you ever wanted to know about the company and the famous gum.

Chopra Guar Gum Industries:: Manufacturer of guar gum powder. Company profile and product details. Jodhpur, India.

Shree Ram Gum and Chemicals:: Manufacturer of guar gum, guar splits and psyllium husk.

Natural Chicle Chewing Gum Base:: Chicle Gum Base Natural Chewing Gum information review process types formulations brands prices how make Homemade buy online

Goody Goody Gum Drop:: Offering fudge, chocolates, taffy, brittles, caramels, rock candy, and truffles.

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Trident Gum