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Rooting Data Base:: Online resource listing the rooting methods for hundreds of woody plant species. Searchable, alphabetically organized list.

Lao Knowledge Base on Conservation Agriculture:: Data bank including information, outputs and results from research and development activities in conservation agriculture, a farming system based on direct seeding mulch-based cropping.

Redi-Base Soup and Sauce Company:: Professional soup and cooking products for home cooking. Chef choice for creating soups, sauces, gravies, stews, casseroles, rice, or any foods requiring hearty stock or extra flavor.

World Reference Base for soil resources (2006, 2nd ed.):: The WRB is an international soil classification framework (FAO, IUSS, ISRIC): diagnostic, key and definitions of the reference soil groups. [PDF]

GUM-OUT:: GUM-OUT: the solution to your chewing gum problem. Are your carpets ruined by unsightly wads of chewing gum? Is your upholstered furniture covered in the sticky stuff? It's time to burst the bubble on gum! GUM-OUT is a unique system for the removal of chewing gum from carpets, upholstery and clothing. It is a simple, quick and easy solution for getting gum out fast and with minimum mess and fuss. Using a simple applicator nozzle, the special form

Cafosa Gum:: Gum base supplier. Assorted gum bases for gum applications, including oral-care and pharmaceutical use. Company profile, product information, and related links.

Glee Gum:: All natural chewing gum with rainforest chicle and educational toy kits for children to make chewing gum, chocolate and gummies candy. Company profile and product details.

Trident Gum:: Tips, fun facts, and gum history.

Gum Technology Corporation:: Producer of specialty stabilizers as well as standard stabilizers, such as xanthan, gum Arabic, a full line of carrageenans and locust bean gum. Company profile, product listing, and contact details.

Smitters Gum Industries F.Z.E.:: Manufacturers of a wide range of chewing gum products at competitive prices in the UAE.

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