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Holy Cow:: Dairy Delivered To Your Door. Holy Cow Milk Home Delivery is the brainchild of two good friends who saw a need in the dairy service business and decided to bring their great work ethic, and charming personalities to form their own business. "We strive to serve the town we grew up in, work hard, be successful and contribute back to our Great Community of Bakersfield."

Cow Calf Corner:: Oklahoma State University's PBS television show web site, with a large library of cattle breeding information.

NetVet: Cow Page:: Collection of links to numerous cow and cattle-related sites.

Brown Cow Farm:: Yogurts made with organic fruits, unprocessed sugars, and select drug-free cows. Details about the business, products, packaging, store locator, recipes and poems, FAQ and contact information. Antioch, California.

Cow Camp Ranch:: Breeders of registered Simmental cattle and a feedlot branch. Providing consulting, information analysis and the Cow Camp Alliance. Located in Lost Springs and Ramona, Kansas, USA.

Cow Comfort Products:: Specializing in cow comfort products for 28 years.

Celtic Cow Ranch:: We breed and sell Scottish Highland cattle. We also offer healthy lean grass fed and hormone free beef. We use only organic fertilizers on our pastures. Our cattle are never penned. Free-ranging on approximately thirty-five acres of pasture and ponderosa forest, their diet consists of pasture and native grasses or grass hay. Everything produced by our herd is harvested and either sold or recycled, from their manure which nourishes our fields a

Small Cow Farm:: Small Cow Farm began in 2005, with the milking of their own Small Irish Dexter cows on the farm in Robertson. Today, we source fresh milk locally to produce a variety of cheeses - from the acclaimed PetitVache Brie and camembert styles to an award winning traditional fetta and medal winning creamy blue vein. Recent additions include Eastern Fetta - a delicate spreadable cheese marinated with preserved lemon, juniper berries, garlic, rosemary and

Dairy Cow Feed Management:: Updated version of software innovation for feeding dairy cows.

Dancing Cow Farmstead Cheese:: Dancing Cow Farm is owned and operated by Steve and Karen Getz. Steve and Karen moved to Vermont from Eastern Pennsylvania to dairy farm and raise their family. They have interests in whole foods, organic farming, healthy communities and the relationship between health of the soil, livestock and humans. At the end of a Vermont country lane, sits a farm with red barns and a small white house. It's centered in the middle of 243 acres of organic pas

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