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11th International High-end Edible Oil & Olive Oil Expo 2014:: 11th International High-end Edible Oil & Olive Oil Expo 2014 Date: Sep.20-Sep.22,2014 Venue: Intex Shanghai Exhibition Center Subject: “Show top edible oil products,Build top edible oil brands” Approved by: Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C Support Unit: Center for Public Nutrition and Development of China(PNDC), Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (CCOA) Sponsors: - Cereals and Oils Nutrition Sub-Association o

12th International High-end Health Edible Oil & Olive Oil (Beijing) Expo 2015:: 12th International High-end Health Edible Oil & Olive Oil (Beijing) Expo 2015 第12届国际高端健康食用油暨橄榄油(北京)博览会 Date: April 16-April18, 2015 Venue: Beijing·China International Exhibition Center 时间:2015.4.16-4.18 地点:中国国际展览中心 Organizer: Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd ★Preview: 12th International High-end Health Edible Oil & Olive Oil (Beijing)

China International Edible Oil Expo:: More than 3,000 professionals from 20 countries will be looking for products and business partners. This is your opportunity to make connections with the people who make buying decisions in the China market. Representatives from Asia vintage wine throughout the France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Argentina and around the world attend Best Wine Expo to meet with producers and suppliers, purchase products, participate i

Ngo Chew Hong Edible Oil Pte Ltd.:: Singapore-based manufacturer, importer and exporter of vegetable oils, ghee, and specialty fats.

AJ's Edible Arts Inc.:: Wholesale and retail sales of mustard, mixes for salad dressing or cheese balls, barbecue sauces and salsa.

Dry Edible Beans:: Provides an overview of this crop, a production guide, information on growing beans and pest management advice.

Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms:: Directory providing links to researchers investigating edible mycorrhizal fungi, including truffles, Boletus, Cantharellus, Lactarius and Tricholoma.

Edible Wild Mushrooms:: Resources for anyone interested in collecting wild mushrooms! Wild Food Field Guide to Leeks, Morels, Chanterelles, Black Trumpets, Porchini and Hen of the Woods. To learn more about each of the delicious wild mushrooms please, explore our website.

Growing Dry Edible Beans:: Information on growing this crop, the market and economics, cultivation methods, pest management, harvesting and storage.

Edible Soybean Production and Marketing:: Edible soybeans are used for making tofu, tempeh, soynut snacks and other foods and are milder-tasting and more digestible than field soybeans. [PDF]

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