Katy's Smokehouse

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The Old Smokehouse:: Produces a variety of smoked meats, fish, game, sausage, and cheeses. Includes history of the smokehouse, news, FAQs, and newsletter.

La Grange Smokehouse:: Offers dried and smoked sausages, plus jerky, pecans, and jelly.

Burren Smokehouse:: Smoked salmon from Ireland.

Gateway Smokehouse:: Smoked Alaskan salmon fillets and chunks cured with a special brine and a slow alder wood hot smoke process.

Ramster Smokehouse:: From Scotland, traditionally salted and home-smoked with oak, and free from additives or preservatives.

Seabear Smokehouse:: For gifts, entertaining and home dining. Northwest smoked salmon, nova style, steaks, chowder and chili.

The Moidart Smokehouse:: From Scotland, smoked salmon or trout, herring, kipper fillets, and smoked cheeses.

Butler's Smokehouse:: Beef jerky, special recipe sausages, prime steaks, spiral sliced hams, cured beef tenderloin. Gift boxes and shipping available.

New Braunfels Smokehouse:: Hickory smoked meats from the Texas Hill country.

Nodine's Smokehouse:: Wholesaler and retailer of smoked hams, pork, loin, bacon, fish, and cheese.

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