Classic Golden Pecans

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Golden Foods Golden Brands:: Louisville, Kentucky, processors of certified kosher soybean and cottonseed fats and oils for the food industry. Site requires Java.

4 The Best Pecans:: Pecans from Texas, shelled and in-shell. Also sells a nut sheller, cookbook, gift tins and baskets. In-shell not available in Arizona, California, parts of New Mexico and Texas. Fresh pecans, gift items, and nutcrackers. Also offers products for fundraising.

Cromartie Pecans:: Offers fresh shelled or in-shell pecans from southwest Georgia, shipped in November and December.

Ft. Davis Pecans:: Featuring six flavors of gourmet pecans.

Heaton Pecans:: Mississippi pecans, gift packs, and assortments.

Priesters Pecans:: Offers roasted and salted halves, candies, pecan pies, unshelled pecans, and gift baskets.

Russell's Pecans:: Including nuts, party mixes, relish and syrup, and fruit preserves. Offers store history, and wholesale information.

Valley Pecans:: Chillicothe, Texas. Offers whole, shelled, flavored, and candied pecans.

Bostick Fresh Pecans:: Sells in shell, shelled, and candied pecans during the harvest season only.

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