Cross and Butler

Cross and Butler Related

Butler's Smokehouse:: Beef jerky, special recipe sausages, prime steaks, spiral sliced hams, cured beef tenderloin. Gift boxes and shipping available.

Butler Foods:: Sells Soy Curls, a soy meat alternative, as well as a chicken type flavor seasoning.

Butler Texas Longhorn:: The Butler Texas Longhorn is a type of longhorn all it's own. It is one of the Seven Families of longhorns and it started with Milby Butler in 1923, when he began making the Butler bloodline synonomous with certain characteristics. You can obtain more information about each of the Butler Breeders from 'Butler Texas Longhorn'. Moreover, further information also may be obtained from the web site.

Cross Brothers.:: John Deere dealership with three locations in Illinois. Features hours of operation, history, location map, and contact information.

Cross Creek Groves:: Offers citrus, tropical fruit, marmalades, and jellies for delivery throughout the continental United States and Canada.

Cross Alfalfa Products:: Offers chopped hay, alfalfa products, pellets, and custom feed rations made to fit your needs. Products can be picked up in Lewis Kansas, Oklahoma City and Woodward Oklahoma or delivered to your door.

Southern Cross Industries:: South African supplier of windmills, windpumps and irrigation equipment. Includes an online store.

Cross-Tech Manufacturing Inc.:: Manufacturer of the Brush Wolf, a skid steer mount, heavy duty brush cutter and mulcher.

Cross River Gorilla:: The Wildlife Conservation Society provides a factsheet on this critically endangered species and the conservation efforts being made.

Green Cross Switzerland:: Facilitates overcoming consequential damages caused by industrial and military disasters and the clean-up of contaminated sites from the period of the Cold War.

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