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Global Food Importers:: Established in 2001, Global Food Importers Inc. strives to source the highest quality produce from the main growing areas of the world. To ensure that the product arrives at its final destination in optimum condition it is inspected at all stages from the farm, through transportation, storage and packing before dispatch to our customers. As a producer and supplier of traditional Russian foods to various retail chains in the Pacific Northwest,

Omega Farms:: Seasonal sales of Bartlett pears, generally from mid-August through December.

Omega Protein Corporation:: Mega 3 fish oil, protein rich fish meal and fish soluables.

Omega Specialty Instrument Co.:: Manufacturer and distributor of air sampling filters and related equipment for industrial hygiene, safety, environmental and indoor air quality applications.

Omega Olive Oil:: Omega Olive Oil is a family owned business started by Felicia Pakalnis. We began this business because we believe in buying local and supporting the local economy. Our love of food and using the freshest, most attainable ingredients in our area has led us to believe that you start with the most basic and purest forms. Our olive oil is the freshest, most high quality that you can buy. Our olives are grown and pressed by small artisan farmers from

Omega Smart Nutritional Bar:: Organic meal replacement bars containing no gluten, dairy, eggs, or sugar.

Omega Olive Oil - Greece:: Greek company that produces and supplies Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Wetten Importers:: Virginia importers of European specialty beers. Offers descriptions of breweries and products.

Crillon Importers:: US firm offers wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages from around the world.

H.E.S. Importers and Exporters:: Importers and exporters of salt worldwide. Offers table and industrialised salt.

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