King Kong Chinese Restaurant

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King Kong Tools:: Wearparts for grinders, mowers and stump cutters. Also produces machine specific tungsten carbide teeth.

King's Restaurant:: North Carolina style barbeque in party packs or ala carte, plus sauces and side dishes.

Chinese Tea Art:: Chinese Tea Art is a group of tea lovers, who all share a passion for drinking great tea and appreciate the healthy life style it brings. With all of us living in China, we frequently travel through the country visiting China's tea plantations so we can track down only truly exceptional teas. As a result we are able to bring to you – and us – the absolute highest quality Chinese teas that are, wherever possible, 100% organically grown and pr

Eriocheir sinensis: Chinese Crab:: Information from the FAO on this species, mostly cultivated in China, its biology, habitat, the production cycle, production systems, diseases and their control, production statistics, markets and trade.

Quon Yick Chinese Noodles:: Chinese noodle company located in Los Angeles, USA.

Classical Chinese Garden Society:: Oregon's Suzhou-style Classical Chinese Garden offering history and elements of Chinese and Japanese gardens.

Chinese-American Tea Association (CATA):: Association of professional tea exporters and importers. The Chinese-American Tea Association is a nonprofit organization promoting pure, fresh Chinese tea, in Western Markets. Our mission: • Promote tea and its healthy lifestyle in the US; • Ensure quality of tea shipments to the US and Canada • Support free and fair trade in the tea industry; • Promulgate timely and accurate information about tea to Western buyers and consumers.

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch:: Dedicated to raising awareness of Hong Kong's endangered pink dolphins through tours and merchandise.

Hong Kong Flour Mills Ltd.:: Manufacturer, exporter and distributor of wheat flours, pre-mix flours, brans, margarine and other food products.

Green Power Hong Kong:: Site contains hundreds of articles on local/global green policies and campaigns. Introduces China projects.

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