2nd International Poultry Meat Congress

2nd International Poultry Meat Congress Related

International Congress on Animal Hygiene:: ISAH 2015 Congress will be held in Košice, Slovak Republic, on June 7-11, 2015. The main topic is Animal hygiene in livestock production – the first step to food hygiene. We expect more than 300 delegates from 57 countries.

Meat Poultry Nutrition:: Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine. The Cancer Project Nitrite Nitrate Cured meat Processed meat Cured meat safety Hot dogs and cancer processed meat safety.

XVII International Congress on Animal Hygiene 2015:: The congress is a unique opportunity for agriculture and scientists to meet and acquire new knowledge as well as to exchange experiences within animal science. The meeting will take place in Košice from 7th to 11th June 2015. A main theme of the congress will be “Animal hygiene in livestock production – the first step to food hygiene” dealing with product quality as well as resource efficiency, sustainability, animal welfare and agro-ecolo

The Meat and Poultry Company (MPC):: The Meat and Poultry Company is a fully owned West Australian family based business which was established in 1996 originally employing just two staff. Since then MPC has grown to being one of Perth's leading Meat and Poultry wholesalers. At MPC we pride ourselves on being able to supply top quality fresh meat and poultry products to local IGA supermarkets, butcher shops, food service and fast food industry. Deliveries are made daily to the Perth

IAI Poultry & Meat Expo:: IAI Poultry & Meat Expolatest products, technology and solutions and meet top industry professionals to upgrade your poultry and meat operations and resolve existing challenges to meet cost efficiency. IAI Poultry & Meat Expo is supported by all relevant agencies including the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, PFI (Poultry federation of India), NECC (National Egg Coordination Committee), and CLFMA. IAI Poultry& Meat Expo is a great way to s

International Center for Poultry:: The International Center for Poultry is a Gospel-centered, non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our vision is to see to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ advanced around the world with individuals, people groups and nations; specifically to those who are interested in sustainable poultry for a source of food, preservation and sustainability. We are dedicated to promoting and protecting standard bred poultry! Our passion and commitment is to provide educ

Zootecnica International: World Poultry Journal:: Provides news concerning all the different sectors of the poultry industry: genetics, incubation, management, nutrition, veterinary, processing and marketing.

2nd World Pepper Convention:: Topic is to discuss finding good hybrid plants that will grow in the Zacatecas region of Mexico. Page includes registration information, demonstration trials, and commercial exhibitions. Takes place from August 14-16, 2005 in Zacatecas, Mexico.

World Reference Base for soil resources (2006, 2nd ed.):: The WRB is an international soil classification framework (FAO, IUSS, ISRIC): diagnostic, key and definitions of the reference soil groups. [PDF]

World Potato Congress:: Forum for exchange of international potato information

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