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Raising The Wood Duck and Mandarin Duck:: Information on keeping and breeding the wood duck and mandarin with pictures and where to obtain them.

Luv-a-Duck : Australia's Favourite Duck:: In 1958, when 20 year old Art Shoppee moved to Nhill in the heart of the Victorian Wimmera to take over a dry cleaning business, he had no idea that destiny was calling. Some years later, after a very successful trial raising 20 ducklings in his back shed and selling them to restaurants in Adelaide, Art realised there was a market for these feathered delicacies and conceived the idea of a major duck breeding business. Today we have a world cla

A Dozen Eggs:: Sells hand-iced sugar cookies in the United States. Decorated with holiday or special occasion themes, also available with corporate logos.

Sauder's Eggs:: Wholesale producer and distributor of eggs, deviled egg kits, and hard cooked flavored eggs.

The Incubation of Ratite Eggs:: Article from the Texas Cooperative Extension including information on the egg, the hatchery, temperature, humidity, positioning, turning and assisted hatching. [PDF]

Psychometric Tables for Incubation of Poultry and Game Bird Eggs:: Provides tables for setting the correct relative humidity in incubators, adjusted for elevation above sea level. [PDF]

Duck Raising:: Information about ducks, breeds and breeding, disease problems, housing, egg production, brooding, rearing ducklings, feeding, processing, marketing and cooking them.

Grey Duck Garlic:: Selling organic hard-necked seed garlic, and victory garden seed packs.

Duck Soup Coop:: Member owned whole foods market in DeKalb, Illinois. Membership information, specials, and contact details.

Call Duck Association:: A group set up to promote the health and welfare of this popular breed.

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