Kalle Nalo GmbH and Co. KG

Kalle Nalo GmbH and Co. KG Related

GmbH i. Gr.:: Unbleached, biodegradable filters in several sizes. Offices in Hannover, Germany.

DPH GmbH:: Specialized in sales of tea packaging machine. Main office in Cologne, Germany.

Schlachthausfreund GmbH:: Manufacturer of chain mesh gloves and butcher aprons, cut-resistant gloves, knife scabbards and equipment for the meat processing industry. Germany.

Argania GmbH:: Swiss company offers extra virgin argan oil and cold pressed grapeseed oil.

Dr. Kernchen GmbH:: Digital automatic refractometers, digital automatic polarimeters, analytical instruments and computerised laboratory systems for the sugar industry (sugar content, dry substance content, purity, reflectance colour of white sugar, quality of sugar beet or sugar cane).

C.E. Roeper GmbH:: Trading Company with natural raw materials, gums, waxes and resins, for use in food, pharma and technical applications.

BEAR GmbH:: Manufacturers and installs machines and plants for the cocoa, food and pharmaceutical industries. Germany, Indonesia, and Ghana.

Suevia Haiges GmbH & Co.:: Producer of animal drinking bowls, frost-resistant drinkers and other animal equipment.

Cup-Service GmbH:: Produces a mobile hot and cold beverage dispensing system that can be carried like a backpak. Munich, Germany.

SternLife GmbH & Co. KG:: Supplier of food supplements for health, wellness, fitness and balanced diets. Includes product and company information. Ahrensburg, Germany.

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