Flying Pigs Farm

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Flying K Farm:: Provides full care board. Offers horses for sale and lease. Includes description of services and photos. Located in Joppa, Maryland, United States.

Flying Bean:: Selections include regionals, blends, flavored, organic, Swiss water process decaffeinated, espresso, tea, and gift boxes.

Flying Barrel:: Offers beer and winemaking supplies and related products.

Flying Noodle:: Pastas and sauces from Italy and America. Information on pasta and sauce folklore. Secure on-line ordering.

Flying H Genetics:: Gelbvieh and Gelplus bulls, cows, and heifers. Also has cattle semen and embryos for sale. Located in Arapahoe, NE, USA.

Flying T Salers:: Offers cattle and embryos for sale, stands bulls at stud. Contains history of the breed, pen and pencil drawings, newsletters, and pictures. Located in Sprague River, Oregon.

Micro Pigs:: Micro Pigs are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of unconventional pets to have. Learn more about these cute animals and how they may be the perfect pet for your home. Pets have always played an important part of our lives, offering companionship and friendship in a special and touching way. We continue to learn more about animals and what types of animals we can keep as pets. We also continue to breed animals to create new breeds an

Dalgarnock Pigs:: Partnership formed in 2001. Provides information on the partners and the farm, the outdoor breeding and indoor growing and finishing units. [Scotland]

Living with Pigs:: Offers for sale the book entitled: "Living with Pigs: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Porkers" by Chuck Wooster and Geoff Hansen.

New York Flying Pizza:: Pizzas and rugalach pastries couriered anywhere in the world.

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