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Robertson's Hams:: Seminole, Oklahoma. Offers sugar cured hickory smoked ham, bacon, pork loin, and sausage, plus beef jerky, smoked cheese, and smoked turkey.

Broadbent Hams:: Offers hams, turkey, bacon, summer sausage, cheese, and combination packs.

Harper's Hams:: Ham, bacon, and sausage.

Meacham Hams:: Cooked, uncooked, and peppered hams. Also offers bacon, pork, sausage, ribs, and turkey

Spanish Hams:: Offers a variety of Spanish hams, Jamones, Curados and Serrano tacos. UK.

Hofmeister Hams:: Producers of smoked hams and turkeys. Company history, product nutritional information, shopping options, and contact details.

Father's Country Hams:: Cured hams, bacon and smoked sausage.

Johnston County Hams:: Smithfield, North Carolina. Offers, cooked and uncooked country hams, honey cured sliced hams, dry cured bacon, prosciutto, and turkey.

Montana Valley Hams:: Half or whole baked hams from Helena, Montana.

Nelson Brand Hams:: Fairfield, Nebraska. Whole and spiral cut smoked hams.

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