The Yorkshire Pig

The Yorkshire Pig Related

The Canadian Yorkshire:: Provides information on the Canadian Yorkshire Swine Club and the breed, with backfat and age charts.

Yorkshire Woollybacks:: White and coloured fleeces of various pedigree sheep breeds for sale; also breeding stock and freezer meat. Located in North Yorkshire, UK.

Rare Breeds in Yorkshire, UK:: Rare breeds of livestock. Links to sheep,cattle,pigs,goats and poultry rare breeds sites.

North Yorkshire Smallholders Society:: Group for small holders and small farmers or anyone interested in rural activities. Serving North Yorkshire and the North of England.

Pig Basics:: Everything you ever needed to know about pigs but didn’t know who to ask. [PDF]

The Pig Journal:: Produced by the UK Pig Veterinary Society, this twice yearly publication provides authoritative articles and information on pig production and health.

Pig World:: Covers all aspects of U.K. and European pig production, including health, nutrition, housing, and management.

The Pig Farm:: Small beverage dispensing system. FAQs, list of retailers, and microbreweries using the Party Pig.

The Pig Place:: Pasture raised Tamworth and Berkshire weaner pigs for sale to produce your own pork. [Upstate New York]

The Pig Planet:: Provides information on showpigs available across the country and also provides tips, discussion groups, forums, resources and contests.

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