Klement's Sausage

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Kiolbassa Sausage:: San Antonio, Texas. Offers Polish-style smoked, beef smoked, jalapeno beef, country style, and Mexican style chorizo sausages.

Continental Sausage:: European sausages, teewurst, cold cuts, hams, blood sausages, liver sausages, butters, cheeses, breads, chocolates, and cookies.

Crawford Sausage:: Offers ethnic sausages, franfurters, luncheon meat, and gift boxes.

Fortuna's Sausage Co.:: Makers of extra lean Italian sausages in over 35 varieties.

Gaspar's Sausage Co., Inc.:: Portuguese smoked sausages including linguica and chourico.

Old Wisconsin Sausage:: Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Offers bratwurst, Polish sausage, wieners, ring bologna, meat snacks, and summer sausage.

Silva Sausage Co.:: Manufacturers of Portuguese linguica, chorizo, andouille, bratwurst, and other ethnic sausages. Recipe list and inventory catalog for purchasing.

Slovacek Sausage Co.:: Offers sausage and other smoked meats from Czech recipes.

Southfork Sausage:: Idaho sausages, jerky products, dried beef products, and sausage seasonings.

Stiglmeier Sausage:: Wheeling, Illinois. Offers a variety of German sausages with a Bavarian accent.

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