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Diana's Bananas:: Produces chocolate dipped frozen bananas. Includes list of retailers. Chicago, Illinois

Maui Jelly Factory:: A wide variety of tropical fresh fruit jams, jellies, condiments, candies,and gift baskets.

Paula's Pepper Jelly:: Offers hot, mild and habanero pepper jelly made with natural ingredients. Decorative fabric top options. Recipes, gadgets and testimonials. Affiliate program.

Hot Pepper Jelly Company:: A variety of offerings including jams, pepper jellies, wine jellies, marmalades, syrups, dessert toppings, chutneys, mustards, vinegars, salsa, bbq sauce, and gift baskets.

Napa Valley Wine Jelly:: Sold in gift boxes, by the jar or case. Selections include traditional wine jellies plus several made with spices.

Royal Rich:: Supplier of garlic, garlic seeds, and fruit and spices.

Rex-Royal:: Manufacturer of fully automatic coffee makers.

Royal Coffee, Inc.:: Coffee wholesaler to specialty roasters.

Royal Commodities Ltd.:: Alberta, Canadian based specialty cereal and grain exporter.

Royal Saffron:: Retailers and suppliers of saffron. Information on Kashmir and other saffron. India.

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