BKE Combustion Controls Co., LTD.

BKE Combustion Controls Co., LTD. Related

Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc.:: Thermal Oxidizer Service and Maintenance. Parts, engineering, field service and case studies.

Coal Combustion, Inc.:: Provides coal and power industries with sound coal quality and utilization services through classes, seminars, and training. Offers articles, publications, and stories.

Peak Combustion:: Peak Combustion is a independent consulting business specializing in designing and reporting of testing programs from emissions, efficiency, performance, and safety of solid fuel burning devices, fuels, and accessories.

Combustion Components Associates:: Manufacturer of combustion components for boilers. Provider of NOx reduction technologies such as burner upgrades, overfire air systems, flue gas recirculation for power producers and selective catalytic reduction systems for diesel trucks.

Process Combustion Corporation:: Process Combustion manufactures thermal oxidizers, air heaters and burners used to reduce air pollution emissions from industrial processes by treating the polluted exhaust gas prior to discharging.

CETCON (Combustion and Environmental Testing Consultants:: Comprehensive environmental source emission testing services for the gas processing, petrochemical, electric utility, pulp and paper, and general manufacturing industries. Tulsa, Oklhahoma.

Wadsworth Controls:: Wadsworth is the oldest and most reliable environmental control company in North America. Wodsworth Control Systems, Maintaining the Climate for Growth.

Treiber Controls Inc.:: Advanced process control and real time optimization for petroleum refining, petrochemicals, polymers, natural gas, pulp and paper, and air separation operations.

Care Controls, Inc:: Inspection for packaging, vacuum, weight, and container.

Sure Grip Controls:: Manufactures industrial control grips. Contact information, company profile and information on products.

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