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Israel: Soils of Israel:: A set of images to illustrate the soils of the arid part of Israel. Includes a description list of the soil groups in English and Hebrew. Also available is a conversion table from Dan's to both the USDA and FAO classification systems.

Aquaculture Production Technology (Israel):: APT provide complete technological packages for design, construction and operation of commercial fish farms.

Hadiklaim Israel Date Growers Cooperative Ltd:: Producers of a wide variety of dates.

Soils of Arid Regions of the United States and Israel:: Papers on soils of arid regions, how they develop, and how they are classified, with copies in Hebrew. In addition, there is a book chapter on managing soils for sustainable land use and a glossary of terms. Links to other sites with soils information. Lists of soil surveys for the United States.

The Federation of European Food Additives and Food Enzymes Industries:: Information for food producers about the function of additives, with list of those approved in the European Union. Shows member associations, with email contacts.

Food Marketing Institute: Language of The Food Industry:: Glossary of terms used in the food manufacturing, retail and supermarket industries.

Food for Thought: International Food and Drink Consultancy:: Food, drink and beverage market reports on demand, supply, retail, foodservice, company profiles, market shares and brands in Europe and North America.

Towards Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming Autonomous Food Systems:: This is an online book with linked video and audio files by farmers, indigenous peoples and consumers highlighting the importance of locally controlled food systems to sustain both people and nature. Describes the ecological basis of food and agriculture, the social and environmental costs of modern food systems, and the policy reversals needed to democratize food systems. [PDF]

Just Food Co:: Suppliers of rare foods specializing in extra virgin olive oil from Greece and Italy. News for food industry professionals worldwide. Includes forums and members area.

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