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Vidalia Onion Brothers:: Sweet Vidalia onions, relishes, sauces and dressings with online ordering; recipes and store locator. Onion sales are seasonal, other items are available year-round.

National Onion Association:: Represents growers, shippers, brokers, and commercial representatives of the United States onion industry. Includes facts about onions including availability by season and region and recipes.

Potato, Onion and Vegetable Storage:: Agricultural refrigeration and ventilation equipment for potato and onion storage. Personally designed using skid units, Cropscan temperature controls, motorised louvres, mixer boxes, and fans.

Post-Harvest Operation: Onion:: Provides information on harvesting, transport, curing, drying, cleaning, packaging and bulk storage and processing.

Onion Creek Ranch Tennessee Meat Goats:: The originators of Tennessee Meat Goats, Onion Creek Ranch in Texas has developed a large, heavily muscled meat goat.

V.I.T. Products, Inc.:: Manufacturers of Strong Box, a stainless steel irrigation enclosures for Landscape and industrial use.

R K Products:: Planter repair kits and improvements for John Deere, Kinze, and compatible planters.

PR Products:: Tropical candy from Puerto Rico and Mr. Luma cigars from the Dominican Republic.

K L Products:: A manufacturing company that specializes in all automated, stainless steel, food processing and hatchery equipment.

H and H Products Co.:: Manufacturer of juices, beverage concentrates and syrups.

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