Smokin Dave

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Smokin' Garlic:: Sales of smoked garlic and smoked salt, including recipes.

Smischny's Smokin Hot Nuts:: Offers several flavors of slow smoked pistachio nuts.

Dave's Gourmet:: Offers salsa, spreads, sauces and recipes.

Dave Wilson Nursery:: Wholesale growers of deciduous fruit and nut trees, vines, and ornamentals, including Pluots.

Uncle Dave's Kitchen:: A Vermont based company selling specialty foods such as mustard, bloody mary spice mix, ketchups, marinara and pasta sauces.

Dr. Dave's Hemp Archives:: By David P. West, Ph.D., who heads the Hawaii Industrial Hemp Research Project. The two dozen articles include "Killing Cannabis with mycoherbicides" and "Ecce Granum" and "Hemp and Marijuana: Myths and Realities" written by Dr. Dave.

Dave Koenig Enterprises Inc.:: Produces subsoiler plows. Includes product and company information.

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